Thursday, September 15, 2011

Roraima - The World's Largest Flat Mount

Mount Roraima is a mountain there in British are to fame in 1912 when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, wrote a fictional novel titled The Lost World. He climb to the mountain Roraima, to do exploration and research of the dinosaurs prehistoric  species and the plant that are believed to live isolated and unchanged for millions of years on the mountain.

Conan-Doyle was inspired by the British botanist Everard Im Thurn is on December 18, 1884 with Harry Perkins, they are the first to reach the summit of Mount Roraima. Im Thurn and Perkins is not the first European to see Mount Roraima, the first Europeans who saw it was a German explorer Robert Schomburgk, he is a scientist and explorer area of ​​Britains Royal Society in 1838.

Schomburgk delivered a speech in his expedition, who was attended by Conan-Doyle, inspired later to explore the mountain Roraima.

Im Thurn and Perkins climb Mount Roraima from the southeast in what is now called Im Thurn route, the only one of the easiest ways to reach the top. Im Thurn in the expedition had to fight also traveled hundreds of miles through rivers and forests that many the wild and dangerous beasts.

After Im Thurn and Perkins, a lot of British scientific expedition who came to collect and conduct research on the strange flora and fauna that exist on the mountain of Roraima and produced many new species there. Now the mountain of Roraima is already listed in the list of world heritage sites.

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