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The History of Indonesia Tea Plantations

Do you ever drink the fresh tea when summer? An enjoyment of plants from the mountains of tropical forests in Indonesia. Current fresh tea is known as the most favorite drink of the world, where they would we found in all types of restaurant around the world. Let's we look for know how do the history of tea plants can be came and grow in Indonesia.

The tea plants including the Camellia genus which around 82 species, mainly are spread in Southeast Asia at 30 ° north and south latitude of the equator. Apart from the tea plant (Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze) are consumed as beverages, Cammelia genus also includes many kinds of ornamental plants. Habit of drinking tea thought to have come from China, which then developed in Japan and Europe. Tea plants originated from the countries borders area of southern China (Yunnan), Northwest Laos, northern Thailand, eastern Burma and Northeast India, which is a forest vegetation transitional  regions of tropical and subtropical.

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The tea plants were first brought to Indonesia in 1684, a seeds tea brought from Japanese by a German who named Andreas Cleyer, and planted as an ornamental plant in Jakarta. In 1694, a priest named F. Valentijn reported seeing a young shrubs tea originated from China which grown in the garden Palace of the Governor-General Champhuys in Jakarta.

In 1826 tea plants grown successfully to complete the Bogor Botanical Gardens, and in 1827 at the Experiments garden in Cisurupan, Garut, West Java. The success of the large-scale trial plantings in Wanayasa (Purwakarta) and Raung (Banyuwangi) paved the way for Jacobus Isidorus Loudewijk Levian Jacobson, an expert on tea, put the foundation for tea plantation in Java.

Tea from Java was first accepted recorded in Amsterdam in 1835. Assam type of tea began to go to Indonesia (Java) from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) in 1877, and planted by the RE Kerkhoven in the Gambung garden, West Java. With the entry Assam tea into Indonesia, China tea plants gradually replaced with the Assam tea, and since it's tea plantations in Indonesia are spread more widely. In 1910 began construction the tea plantations in Simalungun area, North Sumatra. Today, the tea plantations has been spread in the all of rainforest in mountains of Indonesia.

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