Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dolphins is the animal humans companions

The dolphins are the most intelligent of marine creatures and can be trained to obey humans. Also dolphins are also friendly and helpful so often dubbed "human companions". 

In Indonesia dolphins live in the high seas and in some large rivers. More than a third of the world's dolphins are found in the waters of our country. Although people often see dolphins in the water, they actually spent more time in the depths of the sea.

Though dolphins live in water, either at sea or in freshwater, this animal does not include fish. An animal can only be called a "fish" when he breathes with gills and reproduce by laying eggs. While dolphins breathe with lungs, birth and breastfeeding. Therefore, the dolphins, including marine mammal species. The dolphins breathe through a hole in the head. Under these holes are small pockets filled with air. By passing air through the bags, the dolphin produces a high pitched voice. Moreover, this noise can be used to determine the circumstances surrounding. 

Eye of dolphins can not be used to see. To view, dolphin assisted by the reflected sound, called echolocation. Therefore, in the dark even if the dolphins can know the surrounding circumstances. 

Echolocation sound emitted issued will be disjointed. The sound was then bounced back and captured in the lower jaw. information derived from it forwarded to the middle ear and brain. High-frequency sonar system was also used dolphins to find food, communicate, including reminding each other when there is danger around them. 

Versatility of dolphins is extraordinary. U.S. navy to use the services of dolphins to guard military installations. At the naval base, the dolphins were taught how to detect mines. Dolphin's skin is very flexible so the dolphins can swim faster without causing waves. 

An engineer from Germany managed to mimic the design of dolphin skin. You know what she is doing? The insyinyur managed to create the outer layer of skin mimic submarine dolphins. The results are remarkable, the German submarine managed to raise the country speeds up to 250% of the previously without a sound. 

Have you ever seen a dolphin show at recreational areas like Ancol Dreamland? Fun is not it, seeing dolphins such as numeracy, play ball, or jump into the circle of fire.

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