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PERTH - The city of beautiful tourist attractions in Australia

The beautiful city of Perth is a pleasant tourist place for modern tourists. Exciting and colorful, the City of Light is located in the Swan River, crowded with a variety of activities and attractions to variety of tastes. Environment in Perth ideal for relaxing, friendly and open - here are a few options of this friendly city, adding to your wish traveled.
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Swan Valley Vineyard
This fact may be surprising, especially for the French are very proud of their wines - Australia is now the largest wine exporter to the UK and second largest exporter to the United States. Several years ago, wines from Australia will only be ridiculed by the connoiseur, but not anymore. In Perth, visitors can visit the various types of plantations that produce the best wines and the Swan Valley, one of them. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk along the rows of vineyards and stay in one of the lodgings and accommodation offered. Of course, you can also enjoy tasting good quality wines at very affordable prices. If you have time and budget, be sure to do a romantic trip down the Swan River to enjoy the view of the entire valley.

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Caversham Wildlife Park
Kangaroo is a common sight in Perth. In fact, many people will surely have a story about how they see these cute little animals crossing the road, or even accidentally bumped into him. For tourists, visiting Caversham Wildlife Park is the best way to see Australia's national icons and other uniquely Australian animals such as koalas, Tasmanian devil, dingo and owls. One would have to do here is to touch the wombat and may carry him! The kids would love to ride camels and tried to milk the cows. Caversham Wildlife Park is a place bernaungnya 2000 animals, a fun holiday for families who want to enjoy nature and wildlife.

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Fremantle Harbor
Port of Fremantle was always busy and crowded - with boats and cruise ships that docked at the pier, and on land, where locals and tourists together to enjoy a variety of food and other fun stuff. This area has a number of restaurants serving various types of seafood appetizer and eat chitterlings. Not far from the port, there are open spaces that are often used to hold a variety of festivals! Who knows, when you are there, just as a festival. Enjoy the sea breeze and the sights of Perth in the afternoon.

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Cappuccino Strip
Not far from the port of Fremantle, there is South Terrace, a street filled with cafes, restaurants and pubs provide all kinds of foods and beverages. The locals call this place Cappuccino Strip, although not just a cappuccino and it was not the only one you can find here. Cappuccino Strip is the perfect place to enjoy fresh food and look at various cultural festivals such as Carnival and the Festival Parade South Terrace. This area is popular among creative people, who often hold exhibitions in various locations around there.

If You Get There
Perth is easily accessible and have good weather all year round. Spring starts in September, while in December until the end of February is summer, the time is right for the beach. If you want to feel a little cold weather, go from June hungga August, but keep in mind also may be quite frequent rain fall.

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