Friday, October 21, 2011

Been to the Bunaken National Park in Indonesia

This is a fascinating tourist attractions in northern Sulawesi. When the name of the Bunaken National Park will be synonymous with the most attractive diving locations worldwide. There heaven lies under the sea, under the Manado bay with beautiful flora and fauna.

Photo credits - Verrianto Madjowa

Under the expanse of sea covering an area of 890.65 km2 in the Gulf region Manado, we will discover the enchanting beauty of the Almighty's creation by enjoying the colorful coral reefs. There are more than 200 types of fish species and a variety of other marine biota. You will feel the sensation of diving with a dish of fascinating underwater scenery in the park which is located 75 nautical miles from the coast of Manado. 

These dive sites can be reached by traveling 35 minutes by motor boat. Not only to see rows of fish milling about and the way various prairie sea, we can also see more than 390 species of coral that emits an amazing charm. The shape is unique berlekak-dent, the cracks until a small cave or tunnel under the sea that may be impossible to find elsewhere. Geographically, Bunaken National Park can be divided into two parts, namely the northern and southern parts. 

The northern part includes five islands, and coastal areas between Molas to Tiwoho called Coastal Molas-Wori. The southern part consists entirely Poopoh coastal area between the Village and Coastal Village Popareng called Arakan-Wawontulap. In this region, there are 22 villages with a population of about 35 thousand inhabitants. Most work as farmers and fishermen as well as 25% of his work in the field of tourism.

Photo credits - Verrianto Madjowa

This park was established in 1991 and is one of the world's first marine park. In 2005 Bunaken become a world heritage site after Indonesia registered in UNESCO. A significant increase in tourist visits to the park. In 2008 32,760 foreign tourists visited, in the next year increased to 51 thousand foreign tourists. In fact, in 2010 the Provincial Government of North Sulawesi bold target of 100 thousand foreign tourists will come in Bunaken. Especially in this year has launched the 2010 World Tourism Cities Manado, Bunaken National Park's iconic tourism mainstay of North Sulawesi. 

Diving is indeed the best way if you want to fully and clearly enjoying the panoramic beauty of the underwater Bunaken. 23 places available snorkeling or diving. Do not bother to bring their own diving equipment because there rented equipment with prices ranging from Rp 100 thousand per day. But diving is not the only option. Another way is to use semi-submersible vessel being rented at Bunaken Island off the coast. 

These vessels provide the walls of glass to enjoy the beauty and exoticism of Bunaken sea floor. There is also a Blue Banter submarines that will only operate during high tides. Sights gained more leverage though of course the pricing is much more expensive than semi-submersible glass-walled vessels.

Photo credits - Nico J Tampi

There are two choices of rental boats from Manado to Bunaken, namely Bersehati Market and Marina. Rent a boat from Manado to Bunaken Bersehati Markets at a rate between USD 300 thousand - 400 thousand USD. Meanwhile, if the applicable rate of Marina more expensive which is about USD 600 thousand - 800 thousand USD. more economical way is to join together with other tourists aboard the traditional fare of Rp 50 thousand per person. Only had to wait for a seat aboard the first new full set. Charm of Bunaken marine park not only on the course, but on the surface we were able to enjoy the beauty and exoticism of the five islands surrounding the National Park area.

The five islands of Bunaken island namely, Siladen, Manado Tua, Nain and Mantehage. On the last island there Bajo tribe with a distinctive culture. To reach Manado, there are many options airlines serving the route, both from Jakarta, Denpasar, Makassar and shoves. From Jakarta, for example, you can choose the Garuda Indonesia (twice a day flight time), Lion Air (3 times daily flight schedule) and Batavia Air (flight schedules twice a day), with a travel time for approximately 3 hours drive.

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