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The founder of scouting worldwide

Lord Robert Baden Powell of Gilwell
Founder of the world scout movement was Lord Robert Baden Powell of Gilwell. He was the one that underlies the construction of youth in Great Britain. Construction teenager who became a movement growing and scouting.

Baden Powell Born on 22 February 1857 with the name of Robert Stephenson Smyth. His father was a Professor of Geometry Powell at the University of Oxford, who died when Stephenson was small. Baden Powell wrote a lot of experiences in the book "Aids To Scouting" is indicative of a young British Army in order to perform the duties of a good researcher.

William Smyth, the Boys Brigade leader in England ask for the Baden Powell to train its members in accordance with his experience. Then called 21 young men from the Boys Brigade in various regions of England, called the camping and Sea Browns practice on the island on 25 July 1907 for 8 days.

In the Year 1910 Baden Powell retired from the army with the last rank of Lieutenant-General. And in 1912 married ovale St. Clair Soames and awarded 3 children. He earned his title of Lord of King George in 1929, Baden Powell died date of January 8, 1941 in Pain, Kenya, Africa.

History of the World scouting
In early 1908 Baden Powell's writing experiences to events that dirintisnya scouting training. This writing group made ​​a book with the title "Scouting For Boys". The book is fast spreading in Britain and other countries who then stood as the only scouting organization for men with the name Boys Scout.

Year 1912 for assistance his young sister, Agnes scouting organization for women founded the Girl Guides name is then forwarded by the his wife.

The year 1916 stands idle scout groups with the name of Cub age (children wolf) with the composition of the book The Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling as a guide for its activities. This book talks about Mowgli the jungle children reared by a mother wolf in the forest.

In 1918 he formed the Rover Scout who was aged 17 years.

In 1920 the first World Jambore held at Olympia Hall, London. He invited scout from the 27's and at that time, he became Mr. Baden Powell Drive World (Chief Scout of the World).    

In 1922 he published a book Rovering To Success (Happy Go Travel). This book describes a young man who should be riding a boat heading to the beach happy. 
  • 1924 Jambore II in Ermelunden, Copenhagen, Denmark     
  • 1929 Jambore III in Arrow Park, Birkenhead, United Kingdom     
  • 1933 Jambore IV in Godollo, Budapest, Hungary     
  • 1937 Jambore V Vogelenzang, Blomendaal, Netherlands     
  • 1947 Jambore VI at Moisson, France     
  • 1951 Jambore VII in Salz Kamergut, Austria     
  • 1955 Jambore VIII in Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfild, the United Kingdom     
  • 1959 Jambore IX in Makiling, Philipina    
  • 1963 Jambore X in Marathon, Greece     
  • 1967 Jambore XI in Idaho, United States     
  • 1971 Jambore XII in Asagiri, Japan     
  • 1975 Jambore XIII in Lillehammer, Norway     
  • 1979 Jambore XIV in Neishaboor, Iran, but canceled     
  • 1983 Jambore XV in Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada     
  • 1987 Jambore XVI at Cataract Scout Park, Australia     
  • 1991 Jambore XVII in South Korea     
  • 1995 Jambore XVIII in Netherlands   
  • 1999 Jambore XIX in Chili, South America     
  • 2003 Jambore XX in Thailand

In 1914 he wrote the instructions for Developer courses and new Scouting possible through 1919. From his friend by the name of WF de Bois Maclarren, he obtained a piece of land in Chingford which is then used as a builder of education with the name of Scouting Gilwell Park.

Lord Robert Baden Powell of Gilwell
Year 1920 Deewan formed by nine members of the International Bureau and secretariat in London, England, and in 1958 the worldwide scouting bureau moved from London to Ottawa Canada. Date May 1, 1968 Bureau of the World scouting further transferred to Geneva, Switzerland. 

Since the year 1920 to 19 head of the World scouting bureau held a row by Martin Hebert (English). Colonel JS Nilson (England), Mayjen DC Spry (Canada), which in 1965 replaced by the RT Lund May 1, 1968 replaced by the DR. Laszio Nagy as General Secretary. 

Bureau of the worldwide scouting has five area offices, namely Costa Rica, Egypt, Philipina, Switzerland and Nigeria. While scouting the World Princess headquartered Bureau in London with five area offices in Europe, Asia Pacific, Arab, African and Latin America.

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